• Cardinal Insights is a leader in strategy, analytics, & modeling for campaigns & causes. From the courthouse to the Capitol, our modern & actionable data-driven solutions define the path to victory.
  • Our Solutions

    Cardinal Insights' data-driven solutions precisely, efficiently, and confidently chart the course to victory.

    Our affordable and accessible insights provide essential political intelligence and secure a competitive advantage for campaigns and causes of every size and budget.

    Our solutions include:

    Data Intelligence —

    Turning information into knowledge.

    • Sophisticated data analysis
    • Robust reports & expansive audits
    • Informative visualizations & data presentations

    Predictive Analytics —

    Generating ultimate precision.
    • Big data discovery across hundreds of voter variables
    • Utilizing computer, political, & statistical science
    • Technology-powered efficiency

    Strategic Insights —

    Defining the path to victory.

    • Data-driven goals & customized campaign strategy
    • Comprehensive, easily intelligible guide to success
    • Clarity through understanding, driving better decisions

    Data Enhancements —

    Achieving maximum efficacy.

    • Proprietary & exclusive data appends
    • High-quality data increases campaign effectiveness
    • Broadest reach across multiple messaging channels
  • About Us

    For over a decade, the Cardinal Insights team has been innovating and leading at the nexus of politics and data.

    The Cardinal Insights team has implemented data-driven strategy and directed millions of dollars in targeted voter contact for presidential campaigns, national party committees, and prominent outside groups. From the courthouse to the Capitol, our team has worked in all 50 states and achieved victory in our nation's most competitive elections.

    Cardinal Insights' clients include U.S. senators, governors, state parties, state legislative caucuses, outside groups, and leading public affairs and survey research firms, as well as mail, phone, and digital voter contact vendors. We also provide our solutions to general consultants and a variety of campaigns and causes throughout the political long tail.


    Whatever your data or targeting needs, Cardinal Insights will guide you in more efficiently and effectively accomplishing your objectives.



    Our Executive Team

    Martin McConahay

    Founding Partner

    Valerie Phillips McConahay

    Founding Partner

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